Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wiki Wacks: 815 staffer "revises" PB's online bio?

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A section of the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church's bio on Wikipedia has gone missing.  This section was removed from the PB's bio on Wiki suddenly last month:
It was later discovered that the information provided by the Joint Nominating Committee for the Election of the Presiding Bishop described in its summary of her career the position of Dean of the "Good Samaritan School of Theology" in Corvallis, Oregon, from 1994–2000,Episcopal Church Joint Nominating Committee for the Election of the Presiding Bishop, [ "Profiles of Nominees for the Office of Presiding Bishop"] though there is no school of theology with this name, nor any corresponding school of theology in Corvallis. The Presiding Bishop later described the choice of these words for her profile as having been motivated by her having been in charge of the "then-rector's term for all adult education programs" of the church where she had been a pastoral associate.[ "New top Episcopal bishop. challenged on her resume"], World Net Daily

The edited notes by a user called  "Matisse412" includes this statement, "I work in the Communication Office at the Episcopal Church Center. Edits made per Bishop Jefferts Schori's suggestion." 

The section deals with the controversy following Bishop Schori's election as Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church in 2006.  In Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori's official biography presented to General Convention and the Episcopal House of Bishop when she was a candidate for Presiding Bishop, her employment in ministry includes this item:

Pastoral Associate & Dean,
Good Samaritan School of Theology
Corvallis, OR 1994– 2000

Following her election as Presiding Bishop at the Episcopal General Convention in 2006, it was discovered that there was no evidence that a Good Samaritan "School of Theology" existed.  Bishop Schori later admitted that it was actually a Corvallis parish's adult education program where she served as an associate.  

You can read the original document here.

You can contrast and compare here

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Anonymous said...

Just a little puffery among friends...


Anonymous said...

Oh BB.... you're such a literalist! Now, if we read those words and maybe have an 'indaba' for a few years, you may come to see that there is in fact such a college .... and it had a dean........ or maybe not......

BoDe said...

Wikipedia has seen seen similar changes before. The article about Charles Bennison was the victim of an edit war when an administrative assistant in his office made repeated changes removing references to the sexual abuse scandal. She wrote as her reason for the change that the bishop forbade discussion on this matter (something similar).

Dale Matson said...

I don't think they are done "revising".
An excellent piece by my friend and former fellow parishioner at Holy Family Church Craig Bernthal is still included as a link.
KJS is a revisionist. Would it surprise anyone that they would be concerned that her eventual inclusion in "Holy Women Holy Men" might be delayed by these annoying tidbits? What is the saying? Oh yes, "History is written by the victors"

Unknown said...

In any other setting this would be considered acedemic fraud! A private employer would fire her for lies on her resume. Considering this along with her viscious litigation strategy, I would say we are not dealing with a good person.
NW Bob

Bishop Ijaz Inayat said...

The issue must be thoroughly investigated by the Church and the writers who are 'custodians of facts.'
The Church should not allow the games of the world inside it.