Thursday, February 22, 2007

Last Press Conference from Primates Meeting in Dar Es Salaam and the Release of the Communique


Primate Meeting Press Conference Final

FEB 20 11:00 PM


Awesome job, Kevin. Thank you!

BB NOTE: What strkes you about this last press conference? Now that I see the Archbishop of Tanzania up close I realize I have met him before. He is impressive. I remember too the Archbishop of the West Indies from the Hope and a Future Conference in Pittsburgh. The Archbishop of Canterbury is quite clear that it is no longer "business as usual" with The Episcopal Church. He talks of the two factors that are serious: how to work with The Episcopal Church if they are interested in remaining in the Anglican Communion as well as at least a quarter of the House of Bishops who are not "content with the decisions of General Convention." While the covenant is being discussed, the communique offers an interim solution. But it's clear that the focus is on whether The Episcopal Church wants to remain in the Anglican Communion. There needs to be a settlement to the situation now faced by the orthodox in the United States. The Episcopal Church is challenged. There is also a call to a "cease fire" of litiation by the Episcopal Church against the orthodox. Reconciliation is not possible while lawsuits are a threat, the Archbishop of Canterbury says.

Homosexual activity is not compatible with scripture, the Archbishop of Canterbury says in answer to the question. He makes it clear this is the teaching of the Anglican Communion (he doesn't tell us what he personally believes, but states that this is the teaching of the Anglican Communion).

It is interesting to note that during the entire Primates meeting, the TEC Presiding Bishop was never available to speak to the press, was not at this press conference, nor did it seem anyone interviewed her while she was at the Primates Meeting.

The Archbishop of Canterbury says that the the bishops who do not recognize the current Presiding Bishop will appoint their own "Primatial Vicar" that will be under the authority of the Primates Council.


Anonymous said...


A bit off topic, but any word on whether 815 is backing off on the legal action in VA, or anywhere else?


Unknown said...

No sign of it yet. Guess we'll stay tuned - perhaps its linked to the PB's mincing of words regarding "authorization" and "pastoral care." Let's keep watch - even Rowan Williams mentioned the lawsuits in his press conference. This will be one way to know if TEC and the Diocese of Virginia are serious about remaining in the Anglican Communion.


Anonymous said...


Thanks, and keep us informed on the legal situation, please. My own reading is that unless all these legal actions are put on hold by the end of the month, it means that whatever else happens, TEC will be just going through the motions.