Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Statement from the Anglican District of Virginia on the filing of lawsuits against clergy and lay leaders by the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia

Contact: Jim Pierobon, 301-520-1758

A Statement from the Board of the Anglican District of Virginia

FAIRFAX and FALLS CHURCH, Va, Jan. 31 - We have learned tonight from the media that the Diocese of Virginia has filed civil lawsuits against the clergy and volunteer lay leadership of eleven Virginia churches.

These are the same Virginia churches that voted overwhelmingly to sever ties with The Episcopal Church (TEC) and affiliate with the Convocation of Anglicans in North America (CANA), a fully recognized branch of the Anglican Communion under the Anglican Church of Nigeria.

We receive this news as an act of betrayal.

Contrary to statements issued by the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, we have filed no lawsuits. Our only action has been to record our parish votes in December and January for the public record.

In addition, our volunteer lay leaders diligently followed the steps outlined in the Diocese of Virginia's "Protocol for Departing Congregations" trusting that the diocese would honor its own protocol. The actions taken today show that we were betrayed by that trust.

We still believe that there are better ways to settle our differences than by the unprecedented actions the Diocese of Virginia took today against lay volunteers and their clergy. We request that the Diocese of Virginia step back from this precipitous behavior and resolve to find an amicable and reasonable way forward that will honor Christ and be a blessing to His Church.

The Board of the Anglican District of Virginia

Tom Wilson, Senior Warden, The Falls Church,
Chairman, Board of Directors

Jim Oakes, Senior Warden, Truro Church,
Member of the Board

David Allison, Senior Warden, Church of the Apostles,
Member of the Board

Warren Thrasher, Treasurer
Mary McReynolds, Secretary


Anonymous said...

You're in our prayers. But you knew that . . .

Miss Sippi

AnnieCOA said...

Okay BB!

So, I can think of no finer group of people with whom I'd rather go to jail! I know we are both very, very proud of them.

In the face of unrelenting harassment and betrayal, these ones consistently exhibit grace, charity and genuine Christian leadership. We are blessed!

Love, A

Anonymous said...

Same with me, anniecoa! I always thought I'd go to jail for demonstrating at the Sudanese Embassy, but for falling under the displeasure of 815 and Franklin Street is just about equivalent to protesting Khartoum.

Somebody should set The Living Church (and KH at T19) straight about the article that they published that accuse us of starting the legal proceedings first. Just as just about everyone at Diocesan Council did, from the bishops to Henry Burt.

t19elves said...

I don't think Kendall needs setting straight or thinks the parishes filed first. I wish he'd chosen to point out the error, but 95% of what he posts is without commentary.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that because he posted something he agrees with it.

Kevin said...

You know, I do not know how to respond to this without sounding callous, then my Bible study is reading James (we all are noting the fast pack punches, wow, we're out of Paul that's for sure).

I remember words written a long time past, that summed this up, both the errors of 815 and in the Author's notes the really tough questions.

I know how to find things once thought gone from the web, so I remind you of a bit of history that will hopefully encourage you, BB & all those who had a hand in this little piece.

A trip back in time

May the Lord take full control, not my will, not your will, not CANA's will not 815's will, but the Lord's perfect will be done.

Zanshin said...
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